Sisters, brothers,

Supporting members beyond the workplace is also part of our ongoing mission. Through scholarships we can help Teamster families, shape the leaders of tomorrow and contribute to building up a better country for everyone.

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In solidarity,



Sisters, brothers,

Please click here to view the Memorandum of Settlement between Canadian Pacific and the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference – Maintenance of Way Employees Division (TCRC-MWED).

In solidarity,



The Judicial Review concerning the mandatory overtime has been decided and Honourable Madam Justice D.A.Sulyma conclusion is as follows:

I conclude that the Arbitrator’s Decision was reasonable in the finding that overtime is not mandatory under the collective agreement and Code regime governing CPR and the Union. The CPR application for judicial review of the Arbitrator’s Decision is dismissed, with costs to the Union as the successful party.

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Brothers and Sisters,

With the election now complete and the swearing in of the Officers on March 5th, I would once again like to thank all the members that took the time to vote. I truly believe that with the elected members of this Board, we all have one interest, and that is working for you to ensure your rights and privileges are protected.

Our first Executive Board Meeting was also held March 5th. A number of issues were discussed and motions were carried. A meeting will take place with the company on March 21st in Calgary to go over issues that this Executive Board believe are extremely important to the members.

1. Dressed and Ready Policy
2. Efficiency Testing
3. Suspensions
4. Change Room or a Storage Room during off cycle
5. Contracting Out as per article 13.9 Appendix 1
6. Pay issues

With our legal counsel David Brown, we are working on grievances for each Region. This week Mr. Brown will be working with Director Patrick Gauthier and Secretary/Treasurer Anthony Della Porta covering the Atlantic Region. Next, Mr. Brown will be working on the grievances in the Pacific Region with Director Trevor Marshall and Vice President Henry Helfenbein. Once the TR&E Crew start-up meetings have been completed on the Prairies and Eastern Region, Mr. Brown will meet in Ottawa with Director Gary McDougall representing the Prairie Region and Director Wade Phillips for the Eastern Region.

The Directors will be making every effort to attend all the Crew start-ups and I hope to get out and attend some as well. The entire Executive Board would like to express that we are here to correct any issues, or answer any question or concerns, so please do not hesitate to call.
We will be trying to keep this web page up to date.


Gary Doherty
President TCRC MWED


Union Savings is Canada’s only not-for-profit, union run, members’ benefit program. By leveraging the collective strength of over 1 million union members from 39 different unions, our sole purpose is to negotiate discounts and savings for union members and their families.

2015 was an outstanding year for Union Savings’ members. Collectively union members and their families saved more than $2 million utilizing Union Savings’ programs.

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